Stay at Home Taco Kit

Stay home not hungry!

We know this times are hard and even staying home can be a challenge! To mix up your daily quarantine dishes, Komali Tortillas has teamed up with a Mexican chef from Hamburg to create the Stay at home Taco Kits!

Order online and receive at your door step!

Select 2 out of 3 original Mexican flavors to customize your Taco Kit!
Each Taco Kit comes with:
2 x 10 tortilla packages
2 x 500 g packages of traditional, Mexican stewed meat dishes
2 salsa packages to round up the Taco experience.

We recommend 5 Tacos per person.

Heat and ready to eat!

As simple as that! Our tip is to heat up two separate nonstick pans, one for your meat dish and the other for your tortillas.
No need to add water, oil or any other ingredients to your meat dish.
As your meat dish heats up, warm your tortillas for about 1 minute each side. Then just scoop your meat dish on your tortilla and some salsa! You can pimp your taco with chopped onion, coriander and some drops of lemon juice.
To serve many tacos at once, you can heat your tortillas and keep them nice and warm wrapping them in a dish towel ;)

Lets stay positive and make sure to get your vitamin T :)

We send you love and positive energy!

Your team from Komali.

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