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  • Taco Kit
  • Taco Kit
  • Taco Kit
  • Taco Kit
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Just heat and ready to eat!

Choose 2 out of 4 original Mexican flavors and enjoy with Salsa Verde and Salsa Chipotle!

Taco Kit includes:

  • 2 Mexican dishes, 500 g each.
  • 2 Tortillas packages, 10 tortillas per pack.
  • 2 Salsas.
Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita is a traditional Mexican meat dish which originally comes from Yucatan, the beautiful peninsula in the east of Mexico. This deeply flavored dish is made of pulled pork and a special dried seed called achiote (annatto), which gives it its red coloring. Together in a huge pot the meat is combined with onion, garlic, orange juice, apple cider vinegar, lard, salt, pepper, bay leafs, cloves, oregano. The meat mixture is wrapped up in banana leave which in a long cooking process cooks the flavor deeply into the pork making it super soft and wholesome. The flavor profile is sweet and sour, but harmonically highlight the classic pork flavor.

Mole Vegan

Mole is a traditional Mexican Marinade or sauce where many ingredients are combined to make a flavor explosion in your mouth! 
From chilies to cacao are mixed to make mole, including nuts, seeds and even raisins!
There is no easy way to describe what mole taste like so you definitely have to try it! 
Our mole exquisitely bathes celery in this Vegan dish!


Suadero is one of the most favorite taco toppings in Mexico. It is most common in the taquerias of Mexico City and a must have experience when being in Mexico. It's a beef stew cooked with onion, salt, pepper, bay leaves and sunflower oil. The stew is carefully cooked for five hours in an oven and afterwards rests for 2 hours to perfectly let the flavors melt deeply into each bite. A sensational experience which definitely brings beef to a next level. Simple and delicious.


Tinga is a type of pulled chicken dish which originates in Puebla, the home of the famous volcano Popocatépetl. It combines shredded chicken breast cooked with tomato, chipotle chilis, vinegar, garlic, oil, oregano, cumin, cloves, bay leaf, sugar and salt. The chicken is carefully cooked in a brine to lave it as juicy as possible. The pulled chicken is combined with a salsa and simmers then for hours to carefully flavor the chicken. By cooking it in its own juices, the chicken remains soft and delicious. We bet you, you have never tried chicken this way. So spread your flavor wings and try this juicy, slightly spicy and fruity chicken dish.

  • All dishes contain rapeseed oil and sunflower oil.
  • The Taco Kits are sent by parcel from Monday to Thursday and are delivered between 24 and 48 hours (business days) from the date of shipment.